Like mythology, Astrology is a symbolic language that brings meaning to everyday life. For a simple way to think of it, you can see it like cosmic weather, in that the planets greatly affect us vibrationally, gravitationally, and electromagnetically as they traverse the sky and interact. Astrology is the study of this “weather,” yes, but I see it as much deeper – an archetypal realm that speaks to us through vibrational ripples in the ether, experienced as feelings, visions, coincidences, and events. I also see it as a profoundly “natural” way to tell time, which eschews the need for any manmade chronemic system. (Think if we lived by the moon. It would be a powerful change back to Nature, as there are 13 full moons per year, and 13 months of 28 days is the actual “natural” cycle anyway)!

One of the sacred sciences of ancient mystery schools, astrology draws on and blends the disciplines of mythology, depth psychology, cosmology & astronomy, geometry, sociology…. the list can go on. Basically, it’s a language of the subconscious, and thus if you want a left-brained logical understanding, you will have to get creative and make yourself one bc that’s how this shit works. There isn’t a nice neat little “info packet” for you to comprehend it all at once, because this is an ART as well as a SCIENCE. It’s about skill and creativity of interpretation in addition to understanding the technical parts of the language. Right and left brain working together. The factual and the creative in one art.

The western world has people living their life on autopilot, slaves to the Gregorian calendar, everything static and unchanging, week after week after week, not knowing there is another way to tell time. The subtle changes in the seasons, the elemental nature of the times – whether earth, air, water, or fire, the intensity or lack thereof from the moon, these things go unnoticed…. Until you DO start to notice, when the big ah-ha settles over you: We are not alone, and the rhythmic systems of life do not just end with our planet. We are cells creating organs creating organ systems creating bodies creating communities creating cities creating countries creating the whole world creating…. the entire solar system, and beyond.

And just as you can charge another being sitting next to you with your own emotions and energy, so too do our planets affect each other. They are alive just like our Earth, and so they interact. And our drama’s amphitheater is larger than just our one planet! But since the study of astrology is so greatly stigmatized, this realization starts out slow for most. Maybe they start to notice the cycles of the moon, maybe they pay attention to what season it is, Aries season to Pisces season, they start to notice the changes. The shifts in subtle energy. The love of the celestial beings in our sky begins to awaken their wonder, just like it has for all of humans throughout time. From Luna to Sol to the others, the great mystery of these giants in our sky awakens the magic in them. They begin to want to read the skies.

My name is Clementine, and one reason I am here is to share the keys to this language. I’ve studied astrology dedicatedly under a mentor for two years, but I feel I have many lifetimes of study under my belt that is ready to be shared. Thus I don’t claim to be an expert (and I’m always open to corrections, input, and feedback just FYI!) but my guides tell me to write. Write as much as I can, share as much as I can, help as many as I can to be literate in the language of the skies. So here I am.

Also. Bast is the Goddess which came to me first, and it was she who led me to the temple of my own soul. And so I honor her, along with all of the (pure) Egyptian legacy, and more originally, that of the Lemurians. I am a galactic citizen, and these are the transmissions of my soul. Namaste.

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